Due to my hording problem, I do not want to get rid of my old websites. They may contain information that I have yet to move or just look nice and I don’t want to part ways.

Sadly in these cases, I had to move to something I could maintain with relative ease so Quarts and Markdown it is

These sites are sorted chronologically.

1. Carrd.co website



this website was my first but I just refuse to pay anymore so if I want advanced features, I had to move. This site will go offline around June or will lack some advanced features.

Online? Yes

2. Carrd-exported website



This website was exported straight from Carrd.co and then alterations were attempted. I ended up hosting this via Go-Mojito. The export from Carrd.co was so messy and difficult to change that I ended up abandoning it. It’s still hosted for now.

Online? Yes

CSS got broken for some reason. It's on the list of "what to fix in the near or far future"