Current version: 1.0

Hello everyone. Welcome to them articles. There are just a few words I would like everyone to keep in mind while reading them. This should help you understand where I’m coming from and hopefully make you less angry in certain topics that I will bring out. I also want to prevent you from seeing me as some “authority” on them, cause I am not one. These are not TED talks. They are closer to shouts into the aether, no response expected.

I will try to explain my points of view that should be common for some tags of articles likegames orcomputering, but expect also some context or POV explanation in the articles where common explanations are not applicable.

So without further ado, lets hop straight into them.

Content, Trigger warnings

Let’s start with the most important ones and I will keep this short. I will put CW or TWs where I think they are most vital. Gore, Death and alike are obvious but I will also put politics as another CW as not many people want to read about it.

For images that show blood (if I ever put them) will only be visible as a link and will be tagged appropriately. Fictional blood will be tagged depending on severity, i.e. if it looks like a real blood, it will be tagged as just blood, if it doesn’t look like one, “fictional blood” and if it looks like something else but the context makes it known that its blood, then it will not be tagged as either but will be mentioned.

Example of a CW or TW which will be placed at the top of the page:

Gore, death, blood

Alt texts

This one is a short one. I will try to put alt texts wherever possible but they might be too simple or convoluted so if you have an issue, please message me on any of my DM links.

Do note that only notifying about a bad alt text will most likely lead to no change. Please read the section about My Language

My Language

I speak two languages, Czech and English with Czech being my native one. I am not a language oriented person and I have issues expressing myself in either of them.

Please excuse any typos, grammatical errors and bad sentence structure. Please also excuse words being used in wrong way or me using a wrong word. I might also make amalgamation of words that I think exist but actually don’t. If you correct me, I will be very thankful.

And no, I don’t have a proof reader. I am the proof reader


”Games are an entertainment, not a chore.”

This is what games are to me. I play games to have fun. If a game is fun, I will excuse the grind. But if a game is more grind than fun, then it’s a chore and I will drop it.

Here I will also separate grind and challenge. If a game is focused on developing a skill and that’s why it’s grindy, then I don’t consider it a chore. (look, I’m trying my best to not make a bad or circular argument.)


I am not a professional programmer or an IT. Most of my rudimentary skill is from my own projects, Youtube or my high school. I failed university due to math.

I want you to keep this in mind when reading my articles on computers and similar. There are people that know more than I do and I will not even attempt to put myself on their level. Most of my articles will fall into rants anyway.

My area of “expertize” is C# and Winforms as that’s what I learned at my high school and same with computer networks. I do not usually follow best practices as I do what feels normal to me instead of what’s agreed on in the wider programming community. I will do blasphemous things. If you have a better way of doing things, you can tell me. I will stress that they have to be better instead of “what’s actually agreed on”.


This is the first version and will expand based on needs. It will be rewritten in the future, hopefully with better language to streamline the usage and the time a reader will have to spend reading this.