Warnings in effect:


This issue has been resolved, this is just a rant

As of writing this, it has been a solid month since this issue has last occurred but to this day I have no clue why it was happening.

As the title suggests, my raspberry had issues with maintaining connection. Specifically maintaining connection for longer than 24 hours. Every day, it would suddenly loose IP and everything and be unable to communicate, forcing me to restart.

Some of you have probably already identified it as a DHCP issue and you are correct. My routers DHCP is set to lease for 24 hours and the RPI’s logs told me a similar story.

The Logs

The logs went something like this if I remember correctly:

  1. Closing interface and updating IP
  2. Failing to update the IP and proceeding to do nothing
  3. Tailscale and Cloudflared services attempting to use the closed interface and erroring out
  4. repeat step 3 ad infinitum

For some strange reason the DHCP step just killed the entire thing. The raspberry pi is running in CLI only mode with a lot of the GUI things not running.

The fix

NetworkManager service wasn’t on. I turned it on and everything else that it might need.

This Fixed The Whole Thing.


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